Easter Island

Friday 1/21/05 - Arrival in Boston

In the morning we were served a strange breakfast of a roll, ham and cheese, orange juice, and coffee. We arrived in Washington, D.C. at 6:45 am. The first thing we saw as we got off the plane were some Presidential inauguration T-shirts on special. This reminded us that the inauguration had happened while we were on our trip. We had read about it in a Spanish language newspaper on one of our plane flights. The airport was empty, and we made it through immigration quickly. Next we needed to pick up our bags for customs. After four incorrect announcements about which baggage carousel our luggage would be on, we finally got our bags and went through customs and security. It was snowing lightly in D.C., and reports were that it would be bad in Boston overnight. We were glad to be getting an early start. We got on a bus to Terminal C that reminded us of an armored personnel carrier. We boarded our plane and were delayed for de-icing. Once again Craig and I were a seat apart. So our seat assignments were 0 for 3 from the Santiago airport. I traded my aisle seat with a lady for her middle seat and ended up next to Craig. We landed to Boston shortly before 11. It was not yet snowing. Our bags were some of the first to come off the conveyor belt, so before we knew it we were out at the curb waiting to be picked us. Steve arrived and we hopped into his car at 11:11. It started snowing in the afternoon. We officially got over 30 inches, and they closed the airport. We were lucky to have gotten in when we did.

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