Cleveland, OH 5/19/2000-5/22/2000

5/19/2000 - Arrival

The main motivation behind this trip was to visit our good friends Gary and Vicki. After some airport delays, we made it to Cleveland. Gary and Vicki picked us up at the airport and brought us back to their house in Garfield Heights. (Thanks, Gary and Vicki, for being so patient while waiting for us at the airport!) After taking a tour of their house, we headed into town to John Q's Steakhouse for some of the best steak that we have ever eaten. We were in a booth that had curtains over the entrance, so that you felt like you were on a train. We ate the 16 oz. pan-fried black pepper strip steak, served with a coating of cracked black pepper and cognac mustard sauce. Yum! It was a great meal with great company, and the perfect starrt to our trip. After that, we headed back to their house and spent the evening chatting and catching up. Gary and Vicki

5/20/2000 - West Side Market and Severance Hall

Severance Hall Today Gary and Vicki took us to the West Side Market. There was an outdoor produce market, and an indoor marlet which sold everything from fresh cuts of meat to penny candy. We snacked on some "smokies" jerky while we walked around. It really was a great place. We each picked out some steaks, sausages, and veggies that we'd like to eat for dinner. Then it was back to the house, and Gary and Craig grilled the meat while Vicki and I prepared salad and side dishes. It was a delicious, fresh meal. Yum! After that we went to Severance Hall to see the Cleveland Orchestra perform Bruckner's Symphony Number 4. Thanks so much, Vicki, for getting the tickets. Severance Hall is beautiful, and the symphony was amazing. We had a great time. Afterwards we went back to Gary and Vicki's house, watched some silly movies on TV, and chatted. Severance Hall - lobby

5/21/2000 - Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland Heights

Craig, Vicki, and Gary in front of Garfield Memorial, Lake View Cemetery Today we took a ride through a Lake View Cemetery. We tried to tour the Garfield Monument, but it had just closed.l It was a gorgeous day and we wandered around, seeing some ducklings, etc. Then we went in some funky little shops in Cleveland Heights and ate dinner at BD's Mongolian Barbeque. You get raw food from bars which contain vegetables, beef, pork, chicken, and seafood, add some sauce, and take it to the cook who is working at a big round grill. You stand around the grill while he creates your custom stir fry using big sticks to turn the food. When it is done, he gives it back to you and you eat it over rice and tortillas at your table. It is a fun place, very similar to Fire and Ice in Cambridge. We enjoyed our meal and then headed back to Gary and Vicki's for another night of laughs and conversation.

5/22/2000 - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Departure

This morning we went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. On the way we passed some public art, such as the controversial Free Stamp and "Life is Sitting on the Same Park Bench" mural, and the Great Orange Arch. The Hall of Fame was great. There was a very interesting exhibit of costumes, from Bowie to Madonna to the Beatles' Sergeant Pepper garb. There was a ton of memorabilia from the various eras of rock and roll. We had a great time and spent a lot of time looking arounkd. They also showed a movie of highlights from various indiction ceremonies, and showed all the people who have been inducted so far. The only exhibit that we didn't find all that captivating was the hip hop one, but we went through it anyway. After the Hall of Fame, we went to the Rock Bottom Brewery in the Flats for lunch. We caught our flight home later in the day. Thanks so much, Gary and Vicki, for your hospitality. It was a great visit. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

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