Davy Knowles
Bull Run Restaurant Shirley, MA

Jeremy, Tod, Craig, Steph, Davy

After a spectacular acoustic solo house concert a few days before, we caught Davy Knowles (this time electric, with band) at the Bull Run Restaurant in Shirley. The show required proof of vaccination or a negative covid test result.

We love seeing shows at the Bull Run. It is an intimate atmosphere with a delicious menu. It is in the next town over from where I grew up, and I have long-lasting memories there. We arrived before doors opened. They checked our vaccine cards and stamped our hands.

When we got to our table, we had plenty of time to enjoy dinner before the show started. Craig has been craving clam chowder, so he got that as an appetizer. It really hit the spot. We both had the griddled turkey panini, which was delicious. Davy had joked with us that the only problem with playing the Bull Run is that they feel compelled to eat the delicious prime rib, which kind of leaves them feeling a bit sluggish.

No matter what they had eaten ahead of the show, the band (Davy, bassist Tod Bowers, and drummer Jeremy Cunningham) came out absolutely rocking with "Fires", which is a favorite of mine.

The set list contained quite a few songs from the stellar, brand spanking new album "What Happens Next," which was just released yesterday. "Devil And the Deep Blue Sea" was a particular highlight, and rocked hard. "Roll Me" was another new highlight, from the more subdued and delicate end of the spectrum.

"Ain't No Grave" (from 2014's "Outsider" album) was another standout performance tonight. Davy is such a versatile performer, capable of blistering electric guitar solos as well as the more subtle acoustic finger picking that he performed at our house a few days prior.

The crowd loved every minute of it, and there was a healthy line at the merch table afterwards. Many people were buying the new album and having it signed. We had pre-ordered the CD, and it had arrived yesterday. We brought it with us, and all three guys signed it. We got a photo together (having realized that we had never actually gotten a picture of Jeremy and Tod when they were at our house on Sunday!) I bought a cheerful yellow T-shirt, and we all chatted for a few minutes. All three guys mentioned what a great time they had at our house on Sunday. We were glad that they seemed to have enjoyed it as much as we did!

These three guys are super talented and also very personable and gracious to their fans. It was great to see them out playing together again, and we look forward to next time! Thanks, guys!

Guitar/Vocals: Davy Knowles
Drums: Jeremy Cunningham
Bass: Tod Bowers

Set List:
  • Fires
  • Catch the Moon
  • Solid Ground
  • One & the Same
  • Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
  • Every Man for Himself
  • Heavy on My Mind
  • Roll Me
  • Fisherman's Blues
  • Light of the Moon
  • Fire on the Bayou
  • Hell to Pay
  • Ain't No Grave
  • Work A little Harder
  • Wake Me Up When the Nightmare's Over
  • I Take What I Want

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