Kay Hanley
City Winery, Boston, MA 10/1/2022

Video Montage

Jared was in town for the B-52's concert, and he mentioned that Kay Hanley was playing at City Winery with Tanya Donelly and the Loyal Seas as an opener. We decided to go, and I had a hell of a time buying tickets. The web site was intermittently down, and when it was up, it had problems accepting online payments. I persevered, and wound up getting tickets.

Jared and I arrived at the City Winery, and we weren't on the list. That's ok, I had my trusty printout of my receipt. The staff looked at it and noticed that my tickets had been for the prior night! I hadn't even known that the show was there for two nights. In all of the confusion surrounding ticket purhasing, I had inadvertently bought tickets to the wrong night! I was mortified and felt horrible that I had messed up our evening out. But the City Winery staff were quite gracious and said that they could squeeze us in tonight, as it wasn't sold out. I was so grateful! This was my first time at the venue and it won't be my last!

We ordered burgers and hard cider before the show. The Loyal Seas opened, followed by Kay Hanley and her band celebrating the 20th anniversary of her first solo album,"Cherry Marmalade." It was a great show, and she even played the imcredibly catchy Letters to Cleo hit "Here and Now."

I bought her "Baby Doll" EP on CD, and Jared bought the vinyl reissue of "Cherry Marmalade." Kay came out to sign autographs and we each got a photo with her. She was very friendly and gracious.

For a night that could have gone dreadfully wrong, it was a wonderful time, thanks to the understanding staff at City Winery!

Set list:
Sheltering Sky
Chady Saves the Day
This Dreadful Life
Made in the Shade
Princely Ghetto
Faded Dress
Happy to Be Here
Trans-Neptunian Object #1
Baby Doll
Strange Life
Te Amo
Here & Now
Cellars by Starlight
Tell Him No
Lullaby Lucky
In Clouds

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