Monday 4/21/08 - Departure

We woke up at 5:00 am, took showers, ate the muffins we had bought at Magic Bean last night, and were ready for our taxi at 6. We quickly checked in at the airport where there was no line at all and then went through security. We went to our gate and were hand searched. No food or drinks were allowed at the gate, so I walked down the concourse, drank a Fanta, and brought one back to the gate for Craig. He stepped outside of the gate area to drink it. A large group of about a dozen people who had been on a Galapagos cruise together were seated next to us, and we overheard them recounting some of their exploits. We boarded the plane. It took off on time and we were served a heated ham and cheese breakfast sandwich with plantains on the flight.

We landed in Miami at 1:50 pm and were through immigration and customs by 2:12. That is unheard of! We had Pizza Hut and Gatorade and did some people watching. Our plane took off on time at 4:05. It was an uneventful flight home, and we landed in Boston at 7:20 pm on Memorial Day.
Hotel Eugenia

Hotel Eugenia

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