Ecuador 6/11/2011 -

Ecuador: Sisa's Baptism and Inti Raymi 6/11/2011 - 6/27/2011

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Sisa's Baptism

Inti Raymi

6/11/2011 Prologue / Arrival in Morochos More photos
6/12/2011 Family Time More photos
6/13/2011 Shopping for Traditional Clothing More photos
6/14/2011 More Baptism Preparations More photos
6/15/2011 Party preparations More photos
6/16/2011 Tourists from Stuttgart, Weaving Demonstration More photos
6/17/2011 Party Preparations, Shopping for Sisa's Baptismal Outfit, Peace Corps Tourists More photos
6/18/2011 Sisa's Baptism and Party More photos
6/19/2011 Afterparty, Inti Raymi celebrations at Lago Cuicocha More photos of the Afterparty
More photos of Inti Raymi
6/20/2011 Post-party clean-up More photos
6/21/2011 Family time More photos
6/22/2011 Family time More photos
6/23/2011 Children's Inti Raymi dances in Cotacachi More photos
6/24/2011 Inti Raymi Men's Dances: Day 1 More photos
6/25/2011 Inti Raymi Men's Dances: Day 2 More photos
6/26/2011 Family time More photos
6/27/2011 Departure More photos

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