Monday 9/3/07 - Departure

We woke up at 8:30 am. We ate more yummy organic "Three Berry Bear Naked Granola" and drank mold tea. Karen had a massage scheduled, so we said our goodbyes to her when she left at 10. We left the house shortly after 10:30. Tom drove us to the airport and we said our goodbyes to him as well. After checking in, there was no line at security. We had some time to kill and decided that we could eat some brunch. Any time I visit the South I like to get my fix of biscuits and gravy, and this was my last chance. As we passed the Palm City Market, something smelled really good. We stopped to take a look at their menu board and I was thrilled to see biscuits and gravy listed. But it was 11:10 and they only served breakfast until 10:50. What was with that? I could see 11:00, but 10:50? It seemed so arbitrary. I decided to try my luck anyway, despite the fact that we were 20 minutes "late". The employee was not sympathetic at all. We were a bit peeved and took our business elsewhere to Starbucks (We must have been disappointed if we voluntarily went to a Starbucks!!) We shared a blueberry muffin, a slice of lemon pound cake, and an orange juice.

We boarded the flight at noon; and were nearly the last ones to get on the plane. Craig had Doritos Snack Mix as his complimentary snack, while I opted once again for Jet Blue's signature Blue Terra Chips. Our flight landed early (again) and we were home at 4:10 pm. What a great way to spend a long weekend!
Tom and Karen's neighborhood

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