Guatemala - More pictures from 7/03/07

Paulina making panqueques



Aracely mopping the floor

Yoselin and Aracely

Yoselin the world traveler

Discussing baptism plans

Aracely watching Craig shave

Paulina, Aracely, Yoselin, and friends at the market

The pollo lady

Granizada machine

Messy granizada

Yoselin and Aracely eating their granizadas

Steph, Craig, Yoselin, and Aracely (taken by Rocio)

Steph giving Yoselin a piggy-back

Yoselin lounging

Mario and Steph

Rose (taken by Rocio)

Luis and Josue

Josue and Aracely

Rocio, Steph, and Yoselin


Pepiam ingredients


Vanessa at the computer

Humberto at the office



Humberto and Aracely

Flower at nature preserve

Humberto, Aracely, and Vanessa watching the monkeys

Spider monkey

Spider monkey

Watch the monkey's antics while Yoselin shouts 'Otra' Watch the monkey's antics while Yoselin shouts 'Otra'
(20 second clip)

Crossing the rope bridge


Humberto and Aracely

Paulina, Yoselin, Yasmin, and Vanessa waiting for us slowpokes to catch up

View from the trail

Yoselin, Steph, and Vanessa


Humberto shows us a butterfly chrysalis

Vanessa admires a flower

Vanessa and Yasmin play on the voladore pole

Steph and Aracely leaving the mariposarium

Rocio and Aracely

Vanessa and Yoselin pretending to be monkeys

Watch 'Aracely, saltar!' Watch 'Aracely, saltar!'
(20 second clip)

Yasmin putting on Chapstick

Yasmin enjoying her lollipop

Vanessa and Rocio

Aracely, Steph, Yasmin, and Craig

Vanessa and Aracely


Rocio, Steph, Yasmin, and Paola


Steph and Paola

Craig, Yasmin, Paola, Steph, and Yasmin with props

Craig and Paulina

Luis and Josue

Curious Josue

Josue and Aracely


Aracely and Josue

Aracely flirting with Josue

Steph dancing with Paola

Our last supper

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