Wednesday, January 6, 2016 - Family time

It's Dia de los Reyes (Epiphany), and the day started off with firecrackers at 5:45 a.m. Aracely and Eddy stopped in before school, and we gave them their gifts...small toy cars. Eddy's was a Porsche and Aracely's was a VW bus, like we had seen at the circus school yesterday. Baby Ian slept in today, and Paulina delivered coffee to our room and stayed a while to chat.

I worked again today, taking a break for breakfast. We had toast with pure raw peanut butter as well as jelly. Baby Ian was practicing his newfound skill of sticking out his tongue. Yasmin and Paola took Ian for a walk down to the lake. They are so good with him!

For lunch we had tasty peppery fish, homemade French fries, salad, and lemonade.

I worked for the rest of the afternoon, and before we knew it, Aracely and Eddy were home from school.

Eddy had German club at school today and came home with a worksheet of German colors and numbers. Aracely had yoga club, and her teacher told her that they may have the opportunity to have more circus classes like yesterday's in the future. We helped Eddy with his Eglish homework (verbs) and Aracely with her math homework (measuring). The kids watched Peppa Pig on Youtube.

We didn't see Humberto at all today, as he needed to go to Guatemala City to sort out the paperwork for his passenger van. We watched the end of The Good Dinosaur and Despicable Me 2 with the kids in the evening.

Paola and her boyfriend Jeremias helped to create decorations for Yasmin's quinceanera on Saturday. We enjoyed tea and bread, and then chicken and vegetable soup for dinner. Vanesa loved Aracely's VW bus, and she and Yoselin drag raced the cars on the kitchen table, making speed bumps out of the tablecloth.

Paulina fell asleep next to Ian while putting him to bed. Vanesa tucked them in. It ws adorable.

Now we are heading to bed at 11:00 p.m. Still firecrackers going off, and now we can smell the pleasant fragrance of copal incense in the air. It reminds us of when we were in Antigua for Semana Santa on our first visit to Guatemala in 2004. We never could have imagined back then that we would be part of a family here, with seven children whom we love like our own.
Paulina and Ian

Pauina and Ian



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