Sunday, January 10, 2016 - Party Aftermath

Everyone woke up late today, as promised. The kids came into our room when they woke up and played on the computer while I uploaded party photos to Facebook. For breakfast we had cereal, coffee, and a side of cake. Yoselin appeared with Ian, who had blue icing all over his face. Eddy's breakfast was a slice of cake chased by the candy he had collected from last night' pinata.

Humberto had to work today, so he and Vanesa worked together to clean the van, inside and out. We watched the process and chatted with Humberto. While there, we ran into Blanca and her daughter Dulce, who were unable to come to the party last night. We were happy to see them.

Shortly before 2 p.m., many guests started arriving for lunch. Unfortunately, Humberto had already left for Antigua, so he was unable to join us. It was very nice that several family members who had been unable to attend the party were able to come for lunch today and give Yasmin their best wishes (Paulina's sister Isabela, Humberto's sister-in-law Priscilla, her daughter Blanca, and granddaughter Dulce, as well as Estela's son Boris).

Guests included Estela and her daughters Laisa, Yesmy, Loren, and adorable 3-year-old Michelle, Olga and her kids Pamela, Chilo, and cute-as-a-button Allison Margarita, Juan and Yolanda and their kids Junior and Fatima, Carlos and Vilma, and Josue. And, of course, Paulina, all 7 kids, Craig, and myself.

Michelle and Allison Margarita were our buddies. Every time they saw us, they ran over and gave us a big strong hug. Allison Margarita was sporting a Peppa Pig t-shirt. She and Chilo borrowed the camera to take some photos.

We enjoyed spending time with all of those who were able to attend. The family is so large, and they have such varied jobs and responsibilities, that sometimes several visits go by without seeing some of them.

We ate a nice lunch at the tables and chairs which were still set up on the second floor: a hearty homemade soup filled with beef, carrots, squash, and rice. After lunch, we socialized, and then we totally cleaned up the second floor after last night's party. Brittany let Allison Margarita ride her little bike in the alley, and we got photos of them from up on the roofdeck.

After the adults disassembled the party furniture, the kids carried it down the alley to the rental place. Tiny Michelle carried multiple table legs up over her was like an ant carrying 100 times its weight.

Neli arrived in time for Yasmin to open her gifts, which were typical quinceanera presents (blouses, purses, lotions and creams, perfumes, towels, and a few cute stuffed animals). There was a little battery-operated dog that Ian was absolutely obsessed with.

We showed Loren, Allison Margarita, and Michelle photos we had taken when they were much younger. Then Michelle and Allison Margarita flipped through photos from Yasmin's party on the computer. Michelle was naming everyone in her extended family as she saw them onscreen, but sometimes she couldn't remember a name and would ask us. She would also point out anything else that she recognized: Pinata, basura (trash), each bowl of soup during lunch (comida, comida, comida...) She is really a doll.

Craig asked Allison Margarita what one child's name was, and she launched into an elaborate monologue about how they were related, and where they lived, etc. She was going to fast for Craig to grasp all of her Spanish words, so he asked her to repeat it for me. Sure enough, she started back at the beginning and told me all of the details.

We went into the dining room for tea and snacks. Vanesa showed Estela my Facbook photos from the party on her phone. The kids were all sugared up, running around while the older kids watched the Rose of Guadalupe, a Mexican telenovela, on Youtube. Estela and Michelle were the last guests to leave. Lori was sleeping over.

We had dinner when Humberto returned from work: chicken in mushroom gravy, rice, and mixed veggies.

It has been a fabulous weekend of fun and reconnecting with extended family members we have not seen in at least a year and a half, sometimes longer. We wouldn't have missed this occasion for the world! But I had to work in the morning, and Eddy and Aracely had to go to school, so we went to bed.

Breakfast of champions

Breakfast of champions

Craig and Allison Margarita

Craig and Allison Margarita

Loren, Aracely, and Fatima

Loren, Aracely, and Fatima

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