Guatemala and Ecuador 6/30/16 - 7/20/16

Tuesday, 7/19/16 - Last Full Day: Working Remotely, Sarita

Today is our dear goddaughter Shina Tayanta's birthday in Ecuador! We wished her a happy 4th birthday over the internet first thing this morning!

For breakfast, we had cereal, muffins, and coffee.

I worked long hours today because of meetings, but when I was done, we were able to spend quality time with the family before heading home tomorrow.

Humberto put the finishing touches on his new gate by mounting a Guatemalan flag on top. We went to see Humberto's newly renovated office, which is looking great! Vanesa was working at the computer.

Humberto, Paulina, and Ian took us to Sarita for ice cream. The guys had banana splits, and the ladies had waffle cones dipped in chocolate and peanuts. We sat outside enjoying our ice cream and engaging in a very nice, lengthy chat. Humberto is often busy working when we visit, so we don't always get a chance to hang out with him. This was a nice way to cap off our visit.

When we returned home, we hung out with the kids, playing a few games of Labyrinth. Their cousin Pamela came over, as she does every night, to use their computer to do her homework. Now 17, she is studying English and aspires to be a bilingual secretary. We are very proud of her work ethic.

Pamela stayed for dinner, and we all had a good time talking and joking. We ate scrambled eggs, black beans, and cheese.

We will be leaving at 6:15 a.m. to head to the airport in Guatemala City, so it was a early night. We said goodbye to everyone and thanked them for a lovely visit! We will miss them!
Ian Ivan

Ian Ivan

Eddy and Aracely play Labyrinth

Eddy and Aracely play Labyrinth

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