Additional pictures from St. Thomas, 2003

Craig and Marty on the patio of room 312, Secret Harbour

Smudge and Craig near Marty and Tiffany's rock

Marty and Tiffany's rock

Thanksgiving dinner - Jeff, Tiff, Freddy, Marty, Steve, Craig

Cap'n Marty's Island Hop


Shot Ski at the Willy T - Steve, Craig, Marty, and the guy from Louisiana

Willy T

Soggy Dollar

Bartender making painkillers at the Soggy Dollar Bar

Steve, Craig, Marty, and Tiffany

Latitude 18

Steph in the hammock

Blue Moon Restaurant, Secret Harbour


Steve in helicopter

Aerial view of Charlotte Amalie

Helicopter view

Aerial View of Magen's Bay

Fort in Charlotte Amalie

Tableside Guacamole