Saturday 11/27/10 - Relaxing at Secret Harbour

We all woke up early and had coffee outside on the patio. I took out my netbook and we looked at pictures from yesterday's Island Hop. We also showed Marty and Jesi photos from our most recent trip to Guatemala. Marty and Jesi left before breakfast.

Craig made us "Craig McMuffins" (cheese omelets and bacon served on on English muffins). It is nice to have a kitchen and the ability to make our own breakfast. We then headed down to the beach and submerged ourselves up to our necks in the cool refreshing water. It was fun to just float there, in the calm waters of the bay. The guys drank Heineken out of cans while they floated.

This is why we return to Secret Harbour year after year. Our suite is right on the beach. We can easily go back to the room during the course of the day to refresh our drinks, use the bathroom, etc. The restaurant and bar are just steps away. Many hotels in St. Thomas have beautiful views, but no direct beach access. This resort has a sunset view as well as direct beach frontage from the rooms. The beach is also a great location for snorkeling, and we have enjoyed that in past years.

At around 3 o'clock, Steve wandered down the beach to the Blue Moon Cafe. While he was gone, an iguana menacingly circled me on the beach until I shooed it away. The last thing I needed was for it to come after me once I had food. They can be pretty aggressive. Steve returned with a round of frosty bushwhackers and chicken sandwiches with fries. We sat on beach chairs end enjoyed our picnic lunch iguana-free.

We then went for another dip in the water. It was so refreshing! As the sun got lower in the sky, we went back to the room and hung out on our patio for a while. There was a magnificent sunset tonight, which bathed the sky in pinks, purples, and oranges.

At 8 o'clock, we walked down the beach to the Blue Moon Cafe for dinner. We sat on their open air patio and enjoyed the sound of the waves lapping up on the beach. We ordered a round of bushwhackers and got gouda "cheesecake" with crackers as an appetizer. We had seen this on the menu for the past 2 years and had been curious about it. We are very glad we finally decided to try it. Far from being a traditional cheesecake, it was a pie-shaped wedge of spreadable gouda. For our meals, we all ended up ordering the same thing because it sounded so good: Baked scallops with parmesan and provolone served with rice pilaf and asparagus. It was savory and delicious.

It had been a relaxing day, and we had spent the entire day here at the Secret Harbour property. So many of our vacations are tightly scheduled and involve a lot of running around. We appreciate our time in St. Thomas as a place to truly unwind in the company of family and friends.
Coffee on the patio: Steve, Craig, Marty, and Steph

Coffee on the patio: Steve, Craig, Marty, and Steph

Craig floating with a drink

Craig floating with a drink



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