Monday 11/29/10 - Hanging at Secret Harbour, Dinner at Schnitzel Haus

On Monday we had a relaxing day at Secret Harbour. We woke up on the early side. Craig made another nice breakfast of Craig McMuffins in our kitchenette, using the remainder of our breakfast ingredients. We relaxed on our patio for a while listening to the Limin' Cooler. Then we went down to the beach. We set up our towels on some beach chairs and then spent some time in the water. The boys enjoyed their Heinekens as we floated up to our necks in the warm bay.

We skipped lunch today as we had had such a big breakfast. We watched the pelicans on the jetty diving into the water from our beach chairs. Iguanas prowled the beach. Our room was just steps away to refresh our drinks or use the bathroom. You couldn't ask for more convenient access to a beautiful beach. The view was so familiar: the sea grape tree and the jetties, the villas on the cliffs.

Before you know it the day has slipped away from you and the sun is low in the sky. There was an absolutely gorgeous sunset which we admired from our patio. The sky turned beautiful shades of orange, yellow, and pink. We soaked it up as this would be our last Secret Harbour sunset for another year. The sunset made the room glow golden.

It was our last night on the island, and we met Marty and Jesi at Petra's Schnitzel Haus for dinner at 7 o'clock. We had eaten here with Marty a couple of years ago, and learned to trust him about the menu. Things that I normally wouldn't necessarily think I would like were absolutely delicious. We had snails in garlic and butter as an appetizer. I always picture snails to be rubbery and slimy, but these were tender and succulent. We also shared a sausage served with hot mustard and sauerkraut.

For his meal, Craig got the rahmschnitzel, pounded veal in a cream sauce with mushrooms and onions. I had the pepperschnitzel, pounded veal seasoned with cayenne pepper and cooked with onions and red and green peppers. It was delicious, with a spicy zing. We got bratkartoffeln potatoes (which basically taste like the best home fries you can imagine) and red cabbage, which was strangely sweet in contrast to my spicy meal. Craig enjoyed a Presidente beer and I had vodka and pineapple juice. And this time when Marty called for the reservation, he reserved five apple strudels with ice cream for dessert. Last time we had all had to share a single remaining serving. It was all delicious. Much like Anna's Thanksgiving turkey, this felt like a meal home-cooked with love. It was like eating in someone's home, on their back deck overlooking the water.

We went back to the hotel and chatted for a while, looking at one another's pictures. We said our goodbyes as Marty would be at work tomorrow before we headed to the airport. It had been another great visit, and we would already be counting the days until next Thanksgiving.
Craig and Steph floating at Secret Harbour

Craig and Steph floating at Secret Harbour

Secret Harbour Sunset

Secret Harbour Sunset

Steve, Steph, Craig, Marty, and Jesi at Schnitzel Haus

Steve, Steph, Craig, Marty, and Jesi at Schnitzel Haus

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