Vermont 6/21/2003 - 6/22/2003

Our friends "Cap'n" Marty and Tiffany from St. Thomas came to New England to visit Tiffany's family in Georgia, Vermont. We drove up on Saturday, June 21, for a visit. Tiffany's dad lives in an historic farmhouse built in 1799. The 70 acres of land are comprised of gorgeous flower and vegetable gardens, fields, an orchard, and a barn with horses and chickens. The weather was sunny and hot, which was a nice change after all the rainy weekends we had been suffering through at home.

We arrived at the house in Georgia at around 4 p.m. Marty and Tiff met us out front. We were introduced to Don (Tiffany's Dad), his friend Craig, Tiffany's brother Shaun and his girlfriend Jenn, and Tiffany's two grandmothers. We had a tour of the grounds, house, and barn, and then sat on the patio chatting. It was Don's birthday, and we enjoyed a delicious cake baked by Jenn.

At around 8 o'clock, Tiffany, Marty, Shaun, Jenn, Craig, and myself headed into Burlington. We went to the Vermont Pub and Brewery. There were no outdoor tables available at first, so we went into the bar. We had a drink and soon an outdoor table had freed up. We moved outside and had some munchies and more drinks while we listened to a band.

After we were done, we took a quick stroll through the area. Burlington is very happening during the summer: lots of little restaurants and pubs with bands jamming outside. The family had generously offered to let us stay in a family apartment in Essex, so we headed there. We sat around chatting and watched the Wallace and Gromit The Wrong Trousers on video, and after lots of laughs, we went to sleep at around 2:45.

We woke up at around 8:30. We went to Tiffany's grandmother's art studio to see her paintings and pastel work, and then Tiffany, Marty, Shaun, Jenn, Craig, and I headed back into Burlington for brunch. We ate at the Ice House. Craig got a veggie omelette and I got a crab cake sandwich. We walked along Lake Champlain and then at 1:40 hit the road for home.
We usually only see Marty and Tiff each November, so it was quite a treat to get to see them in June as well. We enjoyed meeting everyone in the family, and had a fantastic weekend.

Craig, Tiffany, and Marty in front of one of the gardens at Tiffany's father's house

Gardens and fountains

Gardens and fountains

View from the barn

The chicken coop

The chicken coop

Young apple orchard

Tiffany, Marty, Steph, and Craig

Don, Craig riding horse T.C.

Craig and T. C.

Tiffany feeding nachos to Marty and the Vermont Pub and Brewery

Craig, Shaun, Jenn, Marty, Tiffany on the shores of Champlain

Jenn, Shaun, Craig, Steph, Marty, Tiffany on the shores of Champlain

Lake Champlain, Burlington

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