More pictures from Easter Island - 01/16/05

Baby banana for breakfast

Toppled moai at Ahu Vaihu

Stone circle at Ahu Vaihu

Moai with topknot, Ahu Akahanga

Carved topknot, Ahu Akahanga

Moai, Tongariki

Small moai at Ahu Akahanga

House foundations at Ahu Akahanga

Cave at Ahu Akahanga

Topknots with Rano Raraku Quarry in the background, Tongariki

Turtle petroglyph, Tongariki

Moai from behind, Tongariki

Kneeling Moai Tuturi, Rano Raraku Quarry, Tongariki moai are in the background

Moai in progress, Rano Raraku Quarry

Rano Raraku Quarry

Rano Raraku Crater

Hiking to the top of Rano Raraku

Lunch at Rano Raraku

Moai that went on world tour, Tongariki

Anakena Beach

Detail of moai at Ahu Nau Nau, Anakena Beach

Moai at Ahu Ature Huki, Anakena Beach

Swimming at Anakena Beach

Refreshment stand at Anakena Beach

The bank

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