Chile 12/31/2004 - 1/22/2005

Chile 12/31/2004 - 1/22/2005

Torres del Paine


12/31/2004 Prologue/Departure from Boston    
1/1/2005 Arrival in Santiago More pictures
1/2/2005 Punta Arenas, Seno Otway Penguin Reserve, Puerto Natales More pictures
1/3/2005 Ultima Esperanza Fjord to Torres del Paine National Park More pictures
1/4/2005 Lake Pehoé, Hike to Grey Glacier More pictures
1/5/2005 Hike to French Valley, Overnight at Refugio Los Cuernos More pictures
1/6/2005 Hike to Ecocamp More pictures
1/7/2005 Hike to the Torres More pictures
1/8/2005 Departure from Punta Arenas  

Lakes District

1/8/2005 Arrival in Puerto Varas  
1/9/2005 A Drive Around Lago Llanquihue: Petrohué, Puerto Octay, Frutillar More pictures
1/10/2005 Kayaking on Reloncavi Fjord More pictures
1/11/2005 Horseback Riding in the Andes More pictures
1/12/2005 La Junta Mountain Lodge More pictures
1/13/2005 Horseback Riding in the Andes More pictures
1/14/2005 Puerto Varas to Santiago More pictures
1/15/2005 Departure from Santiago  

Easter Island

1/15/2005 Arrival at Easter Island More pictures
1/16/2005 Ana Kai Tangata, Orongo, Ahu Vinapu, Hanga Roa More pictures
1/17/2005 Vaihu, Akahanga, Tongariki, Rano Raraku, Te Pito Kura, Anakena More pictures
1/18/2005 Museum, Puna Pau, Ahu Akivi, Ana Te Pahu, Huri a Urenga, Kari Kari More pictures
1/19/2005 Hanga Roa, Ana Kai Tangata, Salt Water Pool, Terry's Band More pictures
1/20/2005 Easter Island to Santiago  
1/21/2005 Departure from Santiago  
1/22/2005 Arrival in Boston  

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