Guatemala and Ecuador 6/30/16 - 7/20/16

Wednesday, 7/13/16 - Working Remotely, Sarita

We had another great day today! It rained overnight, and it was cloudy and cool for much of the day.

For breakfast we had cereal, carrot juice, and coffee. Aracely had shown Yasmin how to wrap the Otavalan coral bracelets around her wrist, and Yasmin came into our room wearing them.

Paulina went to the market and came home with some of Craig's favorite fruit: pitaya. The seasonal fruit is very sweet and has magenta colored flesh inside a scaly, cactus-like skin. We have also tried the white variety (called dragonfruit) at home and in China, but it is much more bland.

Aracely brought Ian Ivan outside to feed the bunny.

Then for lunch we had fried breaded shrimp, homemade French fries, salad, and lemonade. It was absolutely delicious. In the past, I have been iffy about shrimp. Craig was hoping that I wouldn't like them, so that he would get more! But not so fast! I ate every one on my plate and even had seconds!

When I was done with work for the day, we played Mad Libs with Eddy. He knows most English parts of speech, but needs a little more practice with adjectives. The only ones he knows are colors.

We went into the office, where Aracely was watching episodes of a Ladybug cartoon on the internet.

Then we went to Sarita for ice cream with Paulina, Eddy, Aracely, and Vanesa (Ian Ivan was there too, but he slept through it). Craig and the kids all got banana splits, Paulina got frozen yogurt (a new offering at Sarita), and I got a waffle cone dipped in chocolate and peanuts.

At teatime, we gathered at the dining room table. Ian Ivan enjoyed some cheetos.

For dinner, we had a delicious chicken and vegetable soup. We hung out at the table for a while, finishing our tea, while the kids took some photos.
Craig, Vanesa, Aracely, and Eddy at Sarita

Craig, Vanesa, Aracely, and Eddy at Sarita

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