Guatemala and Ecuador 6/30/16 - 7/20/16

Thursday, 7/14/16 - Working Remotely, Sarita

For breakfast, we had huevos rancheros with ham, cheese, salsa, and black beans. We had fresh carrot and mandarina juice to drink, as well as the obligatory start-of-the-workday coffee.

Humberto has been renovating his office, putting on a new roof, upgraded doors, and installing a bathroom. He has been running water pipes and today he worked on replacing the gate which leads to the house and guest rooms to make it more secure.

Yasmin and Yoselin's friends came over for a visit before they all headed off the school.

For lunch, we had spaghetti with meat sauce and Craig's favorite mora (blackberry) juice.

We received an e-mail from the director of Aracely and Eddy's school containing their year-end report cards. Although the two of them had done so well that they had already shown them to us. We are very proud of both of them for all of their hard work. The director of the school asked about the trip to Ecuador, and we sent him a photo of Aracely with the pilot, as well as all of us dressed in traditional Otavalan clothing.

When I was done with work, Craig and I went for a little walk down to the tienda and bought some of our favorite spicy snack: Tortrix Tacos Chile-nos. These are tube-shaped corn snacks dusted with a very spicy hand-staining red powder. Delicious!

We went back to the house. The kids' cousins Neli and Dulce came over. Aracely got the "Finding Dory" DVD that we had bought in Ecuador, and the three girls watched it in our room on Craig's laptop.

Humberto and Paulina were in the process of hanging the new corrugated metal gate when Paola came home tired from a long day at school. She is studying nursing, doing her practicum next month. We are so proud of her! She has been so busy with school that she hasn't been around to go for ice cream with us, so we took her to Sarita. Ian Ivan went with us as well...after all, he slept through yesterday's ice cream mission!

Craig and Paola got banana splits, and I got piña colada ice cream dipped in chocolate and peanuts in a waffle cone. Ian was loving Paola's banana split - dunking his fingers in the whipped cream and hardly letting her eat it herself!

We came back to the house to find the new gate fully hung. It came out quite nicely.

Paulina served us tea and cookies.

Humberto and Paulina cooked steak, garlic, and peppers on the grill, and served them with guacamole and salsa. We had fresh pineapple ponche to drink, and then the girls bought Sarita "cremosa naranja" (creamsicles) for dessert. The meal was delicious, and both adults and kids alike seemed either overtired or hopped up on sugar (or a combination of the two). So much hysterical laughter as the kids made funny faces, taunted one another, bopped to the radio, etc. Our cheeks hurt from laughing so much!

Dulce, Neli, and Ian Ivan

Dulce, Neli, and Ian Ivan

Paola , Ian Ivan, and Craig at Sarita

Paola , Ian Ivan, and Craig at Sarita

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