Guatemala and Ecuador 6/30/16 - 7/20/16

Friday, 7/15/16 - Working Remotely

Today was the last day of the work week, and we are ready for some fun weekend activities, including a wedding and a trip to the coast.

This morning we had coffee, carrot juice, hard boiled eggs, salsa, black beans, and bread for breakfast.

While I was working, Paulina went to the market and came home with sticky, messy, yet delicious granizadas (snow cones), just like the old days when we first started visiting. Yum!

Aracely and I took a walk down the street to buy a wedding present for the kids' cousin Alex and his fiancee Abigail. As coincidence would have it, my own cousin Nathan got married to his fiancee Nicole today. Unfortunately, we missed their wedding because of this trip.

When I was done working, we had lunch: deliciously tender and juicy home-made fried chicken, zucchini, and papaya juice.

We gave the kids a board game called Labyrinth. We first played it last year with our friends Mac and Fran. It is a game of strategy and spatial relations, and the kids were very good at it. We were especially impressed by 7-year-old Eddy! He made big moves and always seemed to be thinking many moves ahead!

The kids and I walked down to tienda. Ian Ivan has yogurt twice a day, so we got him his yogurt, and we bought some little individual bags of Tortrix, Doritos, chips, etc. for everyone else. While enjoying our snacks and a cup of tea, we played more rounds of Labyrinth.

For dinner, we had personalized carrot soup (Paola and Paulina spelled our names on the surface with cream!) and garlic bread. It was delicious!

After dinner we played a few more rounds of Labyrinth, finally saying goodnight at 11 o'clock, as the kids have to get up early tomorrow to help decorate for the wedding!
Playing Labyrinth

Playing Labyrinth

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